La Grande Jatte Step by Step

This is a digital painting tutorial I did about 10 months ago. A break-away from my usual pen-and-ink formula, but I really like digital stuff. And this is one of my favorite works from Seurat. Re-blogged from my old site,



PROJECT 1: A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte by George Seurat.

Seurat spent two years on this beautiful example of pointillism, which currently resides at the Art Institute of Chicago. This behemoth dwarfs my computer monitor,  measuring  6’10” by 10’1″. I like using it as a study because of its varied color pallet and numerous individual elements; in addition to various boats and shrubs, Seurat also included around 30 people within the work. Because of all these elements, proportion becomes even more important. Don’t get too wrapped up in perfecting each little detail though. Remember, you’re working on developing YOUR style. If you want to change a color of a dress, make the grass purple, throw a flying saucer into the background, DO IT. So,  let’s get down to it.

STAGE 1: General Background

Create a new Photoshop file that is 9″ x 5.33″ at…

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