Reclaimed Sculpture Piece

I’m definitely out of my comfort zone dealing with sculpture, but I thought I’d give it a whirl. There’s a recycled art show going on here in Abilene, and this is what I’m entering. It’s reclaimed sheet metal, wood, and screws. Naming it “Metallique.” The show is this Saturday, November 16th, so I’ll definitely be posting some photos of all the other entries and probably doing a short write-up to go along with it.

Reclaimed metal sculpture, dada-inspired art
“Metallique” – A reclaimed sheet metal sculpture

I had a sculpture professor who really liked the whole Dada art movement, basically pieces created with materials that otherwise probably would have been tossed in the garbage. I like some Dada stuff, but some is definitely way out there, like most Avant-garde art.

Incidentally, if you happen to be into Avant-garde stuff, and are in the far southwest area of Texas, check out the Chinati foundation down in Marfa, Tx. Pretty cool museum, and a great small town that recently went through an art revival. Not mention the views in southwest Texas are gorgeous.