Switching Gears This Week – Repurposed Painting

I just got moved into a new place and in the process I found an old painting I did awhile back that just wasn’t doing it for me anymore. Rather than burying it in the closet, I decided to put it to good use.

It originally was a landscaped sunset from a photograph I took. I liked the way it turned out, but wanted to push it in a different direction.

Repurposed painting, acrylic, painting, design
The original painting. An acrylic on canvas.

I wanted to focus on pure design, with thick, heavy repeating lines.

First, a 90 degree counter clockwise flip, along with some masking. I liked the colors of the original, so I wanted to keep at least a piece of them in the new one.

Repurposed painting, masking, lines, design, heavy lines
The masking stage. Vertical lines morphing into some harsh diagonals.

Brushes are great, but straight-edged tools are great for graphic and heavy line paintings. I used an old video rental card for that.  I really miss those video stores: the neon, the black carpeting, and boxes of old video game cartridges. Digressing into nostalgia, sorry.

Anyway, I finished masking and applied a few thick layers of acrylic color next. It was a mix of some leftover paints, and some new copper metallic stuff that I picked up.

repurposed painting, painting, acrylic
The colored layers. Thick, heavy, acrylic applied with a straight-edged plastic card.

The flat-edged card was perfect for adding some subtle lines throughout the color, and the scraped, grungy textures were a nice touch. It was a little more “spectrum-y” than I had originally wanted, but I rolled with it. There really wasn’t any turning back at this point.

The waiting game came next. Acrylic is fast drying, but as thick as I laid it on, it was taking awhile. After a few rounds of Battlefield 3, it finally dried and I removed the masking.

repurposed painting, painting, acrylic
The Final Product.

All in all, I think it came out looking cool. Right now it’s hanging up in my kitchen.  I like the colors, and the thick lines work. I’m planning on a couple more to complete a theme.

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