New Book Cover – Stuipd Genius


I just completed this cover project for a team of writers out of Mississippi. This is a humorous murder mystery that involves, amongst other things, a spiteful duck. The book will be on sale later this week on Check out more of my work at  See more about my self-publishing design services here at

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A description from the back cover:

  Melvin Valentine, a thirty something Kansas man running away from home, sure hadn’t. Melvin came to Biloxi in search of family roots and a meaningful life. What he found was a strange device from the lair of a missing astrophysicist; his cousin, Harlan, caught up in hunting season and a political vendetta; a serial bank robber; and Donna, the perfect woman. When a confrontational duck lands in his lap, the big problems develop.
    Melvin dodges cops, men in black, the advances of a sexy librarian, as well as a crazed reporter with a personal agenda. It’s all too much for a city boy to handle on his own, so Melvin joins forces with Donna, Harlan, and the duck to find his way out of trouble, fit in to a totally unique culture and dump a potential weapon of mass destruction without literally losing his mind.