Clear Color – a coloring book for everyone

Inside or outside the lines. It’s up to you.

clearColorpageimageBreak out the colored pencils, paint, crayons, or any other medium. Color for relaxation. Color for concentration. Color for clarity. Simply color. Over 90 pages of images are waiting for your creativity in Clear Color. This collection includes pattern rings, unique doorways, and nature scenes.

I designed this coloring book for everyone who wants to color. Young, old, artists, business owners, parents, executive chefs, computer programmers; the list goes on. Anybody who wants to unleash creativity will find an outlet in Clear Color.

The design of the book

The book is divided into three sections: rings filled with patterns, doorways, and nature scenes. Each of these subjects features 15 designs.

The main subjects are broken up with alternating pages of repeating patterns. These pages feature designs with both bold and fine lines. These breaks allow your mind to loosen up and play with your own ideas.

Ready to color?

Of course you’re ready to color! Who isn’t ready to color? With that in mind, I’ve provided some samples from the book. Click one, and you’ll get a  high resolution version you can print from your browser and start coloring right away. If you prefer digital coloring, save it to your computer and open it up in your favorite program.

Once you’ve had your fill of these samples, go grab the full 96 page coloring book on Amazon. You’ll find way more to color in there.